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For Boiler Room Solutions, Choose The Best Decision Possible

Oct 21

Cleaver-Brooks Sales & Service is a single-source supplier for new boilers, burners, controls, exhaust solutions, water systems, and heat recovery equipment, and has more than 68 years of experience. Engineering, industrial, field project, and local field services are provided by CBSS' factory-trained personnel. Regardless of the original manufacturer, it also offers maintenance and aftermarket assistance.

For boiler system design, repair, or optimization, CBSS is a good choice. The CBSS team has the expertise and experience to optimize any boiler system for performance, safety, and dependability, whether developing an integrated system, implementing a complete retrofit, or making a rapid repair call.

Local service: The business provides a full range of boiler services and is able to provide and install any necessary equipment. CBSS can service any make, model, or size of boiler system, including boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and related components. It also offers fast response from 150 fully equipped vehicles and service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, including after-hours and on-call supervisors, technicians, and mechanics.

CBSS special field project teams are comprised of highly qualified boiler mechanics, ASME code welders, rig welders, and pipefitters. They can work in a local site or be deployed all around the United States and the world. The company provides emergency boiler repairs, as well as repairs and adjustments for carbon steel and high alloys in accordance with the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC).

CBSS' in-house engineering and drawing department uses innovative technologies to satisfy customer needs while adhering to all NBIC and ASME codes. Tube drawing, electrical and automation, combustion and environmental controls, project assistance and organization, and value engineering alternatives and methodologies are just a few of the engineering services available.

Sales and rentals of boiler equipment: CBSS carries burners for all boiler makes and models and has the industry's largest selection of fully integrated boiler systems. CBSS also has a large stock of heat recovery equipment, controls, water systems, exhaust solutions, and replacement parts on hand. It also rents boilers to customers to help them react to changing company demands or emergencies.

Aftermarket components: The CBSS network is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with over 4,000 stocked parts ready to ship from one of its 13 warehouses the next day. These components are designed and manufactured in accordance with OEM guidelines. Gaskets, gauges, impellers, motors, pumps, refractory, tubes, valves, kits, accessories, and hardware are among the parts available. Maintenance equipment, pretreatment and feedwater parts, as well as new and refurbished boiler doors, are all available from the company.

Straight, curved, and custom-designed tubes and tube assemblies are among CBSS' tubular products. Its large tooling inventory allows them to make tubes for practically any model.