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Carbon Monoxide Aircraft Detector for Pilots

Oct 21

A carbon monoxide detector for pilots, perfect for planes and aircraft made by Forensics Detectors.

Here is what Customers are Saying.

Tricky But It Works

Follow the instructions. If you don’t follow the instructions you won’t get accurate readings and you will mess up the machine. Don’t place this next to vehicle exhaust to “test” it. Just follow the instructions.


I use this in my camper because of many reasons including running a Chinese diesel heater. Here is the problem sometimes when I run the heater I get readings like 7 or 9 and if I don’t get fresh air in it will go to 15 or 20. Time passes and I am running my heater and I don’t see any readings. Now I am unsure if that is true or if the detector is having an issue.

I have a second house detector so I have a back up for really dangerous levels, but this is a problem.

When I notice this happening, I recalibrate the device and it starts functioning well again.

Can easily be a lifesaver