Can Your Furnace Handle the Hamilton Chill?

Hamilton is blessed with a unique geographic profile that created the city’s iconic waterfalls. It also sits in a bowl by a lake, which does weird things to the climate. Hamilton winters are noticeably longer and colder than the rest of Ontario, though the city tends to get less snow. 


All that means is if you live in Hamilton, it’s extra important to have a functioning furnace to last you through the long winter. A furnace can seem fine right up until it very much isn’t, but there are some key signs you can watch out for to see if your furnace needs to be repaired or replaced. 


    1. Weird Noises: Frequent bangs, pops, or thumps when your furnace is on might be the sign of a problem. Sometimes they’ll go away on their own, but if they keep coming back, consult an HVAC technician.
  • Uneven Heating: If you walk into a room and the temperature shifts drastically, it could be a sign that your furnace is ageing and losing power. You might need to consider replacing your furnace. 
  • Thermostat Doesn’t Work: If turning the dial does nothing to heat your house, there’s an electrical problem between the thermostat and your furnace. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue with the furnace itself, but you should contact an HVAC technician to take care of anything electrical. 
  1. Skyrocketing Utility Bills: If your heating bill jumps up between months for seemingly no reason, your furnace might be getting old, working twice as hard to heat the same space. It can also be caused by clogged ducts or poorly-sealed walls, so investigate a little before replacing your furnace. 
  2. Furnace Blows Cold Air: This is an obvious one, and a major problem. Contact an HVAC technician immediately. 
  3. Your Furnace is Old: A furnace has a lifespan of about 15-25 years. You can expect these and other issues to pop up naturally after a while, though your furnace will last longer with proper maintenance. 

Here in Canada, we’re used to long winters, but you don’t have to be tough in the comfort of your own home. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, or other strange happenings with your furnace, contact a Heating and Cooling Professional in Hamilton to make your Hamiltonian winter go a whole lot smoother

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