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Boiler Installation Edinburgh

Aug 1

Boiler Installation Edinburgh


Boiler installation by a qualified professional is just as essential as selecting the most appropriate kind of boiler for your house. Your one incorrect choice may cause significant harm and possibly result in you having to pay more in repair costs than you anticipated! 
Because of this, you should only work with professionals who have years of significant expertise in their field and who are completely Gas Safe Registered. 

Installation of a new boiler by a qualified professional 
Since we are well-versed in the most recent safety regulations, we are confident in our ability to properly perform any projects, even those involving the replacement of older-model boilers. All of our knowledgeable experts are well-versed in serving both commercial and residential clients, and they are capable of working with a wide range of boiler types from a number of reputable manufacturers. 

When Is It Necessary To Have A New Boiler Installed? 

It may be difficult to estimate the age of a piece of equipment, particularly if it has been in your possession for more than a decade. It is essential to remember that the chance of experiencing a defect rises with time, and older boilers are less energy efficient, which is why we are often called upon to repair old, inefficient boilers. If you have an old-model boiler placed in your space and would want to upgrade to the most up-to-date technology, we can assist you with that! 

The Benefits of Hiring ReliaHeat to Install Your New Boiler 
Certified and Gas Safe Registered professional technicians are available near you. 
Our boilers are sourced from a range of reputable boiler manufacturers. 
Online booking is very easy, and appointments are available at times that are suitable for you. 
Initial onsite survey is provided for free, followed by an accurate and comprehensive estimate from one of our highly trained Gas Safe experts.


The following are the primary reasons for a new boiler installation: 

The placement is inconvenient. 
New boiler alternatives should be considered if you wish to free up some space or relocate your boiler. 

The requirements for heating have changed. 
If you are expanding your space or remodelling, it may be necessary to update your boiler so that it can keep up with the demands of your expanded area or renovated space. 

Increase the marketability of your product. 
Having a high-efficiency boiler is advantageous for homeowners who are seeking to sell their house since it provides the purchaser with the assurance that they will not be faced with any expensive boiler repairs in the near future. When you get this work done, it is probable that your property's energy efficiency rating will improve in the part of the house report that deals with the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). For landlords, you will be less likely to get complaints from dissatisfied tenants as a result of a defective or inefficient heating system, and your home will be more attractive if you are seeking to rent to a new renter as a result of this. 

Boiler that is inefficient 
It is common for old models to become faulty over time due to wear and tear. If your existing boiler is inefficient, it may be time to upgrade to a new boiler type that has the highest possible energy efficiency.