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What do you do when Your Contractor is Flaky?

Dec 23

One of the worst things to happen to homeowners working with contractors is when they abruptly resign on you and leave you with what is left of the project. It's not just you. one. Here's what to do if this happens to you.

It could be as minor as a blip in the project's radar, or as big as a complete project denial or failure to complete the project. This is the act of hiring a contractor to do your home improvement project and then having them terminate the contract - often in the most untimely manner leaving you to find a way to complete the project and continue the project. Sometimes it is possible, and sometimes not. In some cases, you may need to go to court. The best way to handle it is to keep track of dates, money, and even conversations. Making sure that you have all the information available is the ideal place to be, and it will be useful if legal action is your only option. What can you do to avoid or reduce the consequences of legal action?

These steps will assist you in the event of your case.

View the Contract

In the first place, if your contractor flakes on you, go over the original and revised contracts you signed with them. Review the dates, budgets as well as other relevant details (permits or regulations.) that you have reached upon. You will want to read the fine details. Did they provide an explanation of what will happen in the event they fail to complete the task? Do they offer some sort of guarantee for the quality of the work? Additionally, you'll be required to confirm the signatures. It is important to keep all receipts, contracts, and other details about your project in one place so you don't have too many places to go.

Give them the opportunity to Talk and Get Back to work

The most effective - and cheapest - choice is to give them time to reflect on what occurred, what they've done, and the consequences of their decision prior to returning them to work - in the event that that is what you want. They are well-versed in the task and the customer which is why they are able to come in quickly and finish the task.

You can offer a financial reward if it's beneficial to your project. Before they can take any further action, give them a deadline. While this is a good idea for most contractors, it may not be the best option for everyone. Most people are rational and don't want to risk their reputation or lose any future opportunities. A majority of people are able to deal with issues using a fair conversation.

Seek Outside Help or Intervention

Consult a trustworthy person for guidance and counsel or act as a liaison to the offending party. For example, you can make this an attempt to offer some additional money to get the employee back to work. This may not work in all situations, but in general, it will help in resolving disputes or bringing in an employee or consultant who's refusing to speak with the team back to discuss things. A third party typically helps to get the ball moving in a more positive direction.

Seek Legal Action

It's possible to discuss the home improvement project with dollar amounts that seem too large to ignore. It's not a matter of dismissing it as an opportunity to learn or as a blip on the project's radar. If it gets this far, you may have to take the costly and time-consuming option of employing a lawyer and filing a lawsuit. There is no guarantee that you'll win and you cannot get your money back. You can, however, aid in ensuring that the perpetrator doesn't extort anyone else or cause harm to any other person's efforts as they caused harm to your own.


It is difficult to pinpoint the reason why some people behave this way. Sometimes, they leave to get better pay elsewhere. They may leave when they discover they are in over their heads. They could have even lost their business. And sometimes they just flake out, because they aren't relied on.

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