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Installing New Or Replacing Your Heat Pump

Dec 15

Installing Or Replace Your Heat Pump Today With Energy Werx

Heat pumps can help keep your home comfortable year round.

Heat pumps provide heating and cooling for your home, eliminating the need for a secondary air conditioner. CleanBC, offers rebates up to $6,000 for the purchase and installation of a rebate eligible heat pump. Find out how much you might be entitled to when you switch to a heat pump. With Energy Werx BC, a leading home energy evaluation company, we can help you receive the most rebates possible. 

Over 60% of the energy used in the average household in Canada is due to space heating because of the country’s cold climate. Switching to more energy-efficient heating equipment such as heat pumps will cut down both your carbon emissions and utility bills. Over the course of a product’s lifetime, the cost of energy to operate it is just as important as the upfront price, if not more so. 

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An electrically-driven device, a heat pump extracts heat from a low-temperature place and delivers it to an area with a higher temperature. In a moderate climate, relying on a heat pump to heat or cool your home is effective. In colder climates, a “cold climate” heat pump” is more effective as the need for supplemental heat sources is reduced. 

You Qualify If You

  • Own a detached, semi-detached, row house, or mobile home
  • You home is your primary residence
  • An energy assessment is done both before and after your renovations
  • Complete at least one eligible energy up-grade renovation
  • Have a pre-retrofit evaluation after Dec 1st, 2020

Heat pump systems are divided into two types: “thermo-siphon” and “ground-source heat pump”. The thermo-siphon system uses a cycle of liquid refrigerant that is drawn from the lower temperature environment (the outside air) and pushed into the upper environment, where it can absorb heat from the warmer area. The ground-source heat pump system uses a loop of refrigerant flowing through coils under the ground to transfer heat from. 

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