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What It Means to Have Water Pooling Around Your Furnace

Nov 29

heater repair Creve Coeur MOIt’s not uncommon to find a puddle of water around your furnace. After all, furnaces generate a lot of heat, and that heat can cause condensation on the pipes and waterproofing inside the unit.

However, when you notice water around your furnace, it means something is wrong—and it needs to be taken care of immediately through heater repair Creve Coeur MO.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss why it’s so important to address water pooling around your furnace right away.

What Causes Water Pooling Around Your Furnace?

There are several potential causes of water pooling around your furnace. The most common one is faulty condensate drainage lines. 

Water pooling around your furnace can be caused by several problems. The first possibility is a clogged condensate line, or drainpipe. 

This pipe is responsible for draining the moisture collected by your air conditioning system’s evaporator coil. When it becomes blocked, water will start to back up and accumulate around the furnace. 

When these lines become clogged or blocked due to debris or build-up, they won’t be able to drain properly, resulting in excess water accumulating near your furnace.

Additionally, if the pan beneath the unit becomes cracked or broken due to age or corrosion, you may also notice water pooling around your furnace.

Why Is It So Important To Address Water Pooling Around Your Furnace Right Away? 

Water pooling around your furnace is a sign that something is wrong with your system and needs to be addressed right away for two main reasons: safety and efficiency.

When there is too much moisture near the gas burners in your system, it can cause carbon monoxide buildup which can be very dangerous for you and your family. 

Also, if there is too much moisture in the air near the system due to excess condensation build-up, it can reduce its efficiency and lead to more frequent breakdowns. 

At this point you should understand why it’s so important to address any problems with water pooling around your furnace as soon as possible—it could mean the difference between a safe home environment and an unsafe one!

If you notice any signs of water pooling around your furnace or suspect any other issue with its functioning or performance, contact a professional heater repair Creve Coeur MO technician for an inspection and repair service before further damage occurs.

With proper maintenance and care, you can ensure that your heating system remains safe and efficient for years to come. 

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