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5 Reasons to Use Carpet Tiles in Your Tiny House

Jun 21

5 Reasons to Use Carpet Tiles in Your Tiny House

Carpet tiles are now used by elementary schools, airports, and even elementary schools. It was once a way to cover flooring, but it is now a stylish and fun way of adding softness and color to any property.

Carpet tiles can be used to lock together squares of carpet.

Carpet tiles can be described as squares of carpet with a sticky backing. They are usually bonded together to cover floors. You can find them in different sizes like 19x19 or 24-x24 square. They come in boxes of 10, 12, or more, so they don't have to be transported in one large roll. Additionally, they can be installed by professionals but can also easily be installed by a DIYer with a few basic tools.

They can be used to make many different patterns.

They also come in many textures and sizes. Some carpet tiles are made from recycled plastic bottles. Other carpet tiles are made using natural materials such as sisal, jute, or wool. Many of these materials are very easy to clean.

Some are made of recycled or sustainable material.

These are all great reasons, but there are five other reasons carpet tiles should be considered for your tiny house.

1. They are simpler to install

Most tiny homes have hardwood or laminate floors. But laying carpet tiles might be the best way to add flooring to a tiny property. To lay the tiles, you don't need special tools. All you need is a chalk line and an X-acto or measuring tape. You can install them in just a few hours for small floors. If you wish to install them in a loft, you don't need to drag a large carpet roll up a ladder.

2. They can be easily adjusted to fit your needs.

You don't even have to cover the entire floor in carpet tiles. With just a few packs of tiles, you can create a rug in an area or even cover a room or sleeping place with the tiles.

3. You can be creative

Carpet tiles are available in a variety of patterns that can easily be rotated to create various patterns. For a unique look, homeowners can purchase random tiles in a variety of colors and patterns. It's completely up to your imagination what design you choose.

4. It's easy to replace tiles damaged by water.

If your dog accidentally chews through a carpet tile, it is easy to pull it up and replace it with another. If you can find a reliable dealer or big box store that sells the same type of carpet tiles, it is worth purchasing extras.

5. They are more affordable

Laminate and hardwood flooring sales have increased dramatically in the past year. Basic carpet tiles can still be found for about a dollar to $2 per sq. foot. To install carpet tiles on a 250-square-foot house, will cost less than $1,000 and around $500 if there is a special or discount.

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