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HVAC Repair Company Reviews

Jun 9

Are online reviews really the very best way to evaluate and pick a local heating & cooling company to change your heater or a/c? Find out below.

What to try to find when picking a heating & cooling professional

Online organization reviews have become the go-to way for customers to select which dining establishments to eat at, where to get their car fixed, and of course, who to call when they require to upgrade their furnace or central air conditioning conditioner.

Customer reviews are great since you get to hear direct experiences from genuine individuals who have direct experience with regional companies in your location.

Do not get me wrong, client reviews do have value when assessing a local company' services, and there is nothing wrong with having a look at customer feedback on popular directory sites and review aggregators. All of us do it.

Let's look at some factors why, at least when it comes to heating & cooling contractors, just taking a look at the average star ranking and making your choice based exclusively on that might not constantly be the finest technique, and why it's typically best to consider extra factors in your research.

Any time you're doing deal with your house, particularly when it involves an investment of countless dollars into a system you'll depend on to keep your family warm for several years to come, picking the best company to deal with is important. After all, you wish to ensure the company will not just do a good task, however be there in case there are issues down the line (i.e. an emergency situation service contact the dead of winter season!).

You Might Not Trust Customer Reviews

Certainly this doesn't mean Google reviews are wrong or ought to be absolutely neglected ... simply that it deserves thinking about a series of evaluation criteria and sources instead of just glancing at the star rating.

Misleading Reviews

Depending on how they're weighted. E.g. take a company with three 5-star service reviews vs. a business with lots of 4 and 5-star reviews, and maybe even a couple less positive reviews.

' Company 1' has a "5-star rating", 'Company 2' has a "4.5-star ranking", which one should you put more weight in? Should you mark down the 2nd company due to the fact that their average is lower or they have a couple of bad reviews, despite the fact that they plainly have a big volume of happy clients and more customers overall?

Biased HVAC Reviews

Reviews are often left by good friends and family members, fake accounts, or even the company's own employees ... or of course competitors.

Sure, many reviews are legitimate but it's likewise hardly hard to acquire phony online reviews. Anyone who has spent any quantity of time on popular social networks websites and apps like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram understands how typical bots and spam are.

Online company reviews are no different ... they're a constant video game of feline and mouse between the platforms and the spammers.

Reviews Not Accurate

" They were really respectful and friendly" ... that's excellent to hear but that doesn't speak to the quality of the service from a technical viewpoint (something normal property owners may not have the technical know-how to properly evaluate).

Or about the quality and responsiveness of the company's ongoing assistance months or years later on. How will the heating system actually hold up after a winter or 2?

On that note, it can sometimes be difficult to separate the item review (i.e. furnace/AC brand/model) from the SERVICE review (installation, sizing, workmanship, client service and continuous assistance).

Incentives to Leave Reviews

Which can impact how impartial they are. A study by Cornell University (caution: PDF) found not only that fake reviews are fairly prevalent but likewise that people are not great at finding them. Incentivizing consumers to leave reviews is against Google's terms of service.

Reviews Do Not Represent Company

People are frequently much more likely to share a bad experience than a favorable one, indicating a couple of unhappy customers might provide a bad impression of an organization, while numerous of their clients may have quietly enjoyed their experience, but merely never ever bothered to share it online.

Concerns Leaving Reviews

Individuals typically vary widely in viewpoints, interpretations, character, etc. reviews provide little context, and normally do not represent the actual reviewer's personal disposition and expectations (perhaps they were having a bad day).

We've seen individuals leave a 1-star review because they called a company to ask for a quote (at the height of busy A/C season, no less) and felt they had not been called back rapidly enough, in spite of receiving a call back the very same day! We've seen a client leave a 1-star review due to the fact that the company didn't accept their preferred credit card!

Sure, not being able to pay with the credit card that gives you the most points is slightly bothersome or not getting a timely call back, especially when you're sweating through your shirt, but is it reasonable to declare that company essentially the worst HVAC company you could ever encounter?

And obviously, it's easy to purchase fake reviews ... simply Google "buy fake reviews" and in seconds you can quickly find a bunch of services providing fake reviews for a few dollars.

How To Leave A Review on Google

Let's begin at the ground level. There are two different ways you can leave Google reviews; through a web browser, or through the Google Maps App. The process is different for each, and yes, your customer will need a Google account to do it.

Compose A Google Review From Your Browser

  1. Log into your Google account and look for the business you wish to review
  2. Discover the reviews area (beside the star rating in your search results page, or under the establishment's name in the sidebar in Google search) and click on the blue typeface that states "COMPOSE A REVIEW."
  3. Rate business from 1 to 5 stars (the greater numbers suggest a favorable experience), blog about your experience, and click "POST" when you're done

Compose A Review From The Google Maps App

  1. In the Google Maps app on your phone, look for business that you wish to review
  2. Maps will return a search results page with a map that includes a banner at the bottom about the business. Click that banner
  3. Scroll down in the window that appears till you get to the reviews area. You will see five stars unpopulated with your profile photo above them. Click the variety of stars you wish to leave for the business and continue to discuss your experience
  4. Click "POST" to leave the review

Composing a review is a basic procedure, even for your older consumers. This procedure is even simpler when you use automated software.

Picking a Heating & Cooling Company.

Business reviews are a piece of the puzzle sure, but there are a variety of other essential elements that smart house owners need to consider before paying out countless dollars to acquire a new heating system or A/C, consisting of that a local HVAC repair specialist:

  • Has no outstanding grievances and unsolved disputes
  • Has a great track record and performance history
  • Ideally has been in business for at least a couple of years
  • Is fully insured and holds all suitable licenses
  • Acts on company guarantees, has precise prices in advertisements
  • Has fair and competitive pricing
  • Provides competitive service warranty coverage and solid guarantees on labor & setup
  • Works with only licensed technicians and support personnel, and supplies adequate training
  • Has good turn-around time and responsiveness, which shows good management, company, that the company has sufficient staff and resources

Now, I know what you might be thinking ... "how can I possibly assess all these criteria for every single HVAC company in my location?".

Well trust me, I'm aware that most people have better things to do than cross-examine possible HVAC contractors just to get their heating system replaced.

This helps bring more clearness and transparency to the shopping experience, helps house owners make an educated acquiring decision, and helps local heating & cooling companies get in touch with and build trust with potential clients.