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May 13

It is time to clear a tree from your commercial and residential properties. Washington Tree Solution offers stump removal and tree removal services. These two services cannot be provided together. The stump and roots form part of the tree. It is an extremely difficult step and one that should be taken very carefully. Is it really necessary for the stump to be removed along with the tree? One reason or the other, it's time for you to remove a residential or commercial tree. Washington Tree Solution offers stump removal and tree removal services. These two services cannot be combined, but they can be provided together. The stump and roots are a part of the entire tree. This step can be difficult and important so it should be done with care.

You might ask yourself, is it really necessary that the stump be removed along with the tree. One option is to hire a professional tree company that will just take down the tree and leaves you with a stump. It is possible to put yourself at risk by leaving the stump from a tree.

Don't Forget the Stump!

Stump grinding refers to the removal of the stump. A stump grinder is a heavy-duty machine fitted with a large and serrated blade. The blade spins to remove the stump from the ground. Choose a high-rated company that is highly recommended to ensure the tree removal and stump grinding process go as smoothly as possible. It will also leave your property looking its best for you and the family. You should not leave the stump unattended for these reasons:

Safety The stumps of trees should be removed from the property. They could pose a risk to people walking through the yard or children playing in it. Children often don't pay much attention to the ground while running around the yard. It's easy to fall on the stumps or roots, and it can cause serious injury. This could lead to injury for someone visiting your property, such as a neighbor, mailman, or package delivery worker. Your injuries can be caused by you, the property owner.

Protecting Other Trees or Structures Common reasons for removing trees is that they are too close to your home or other trees. You might believe that the problem has been solved when the tree is taken down and the stump left behind. It is a mistake to leave the stump in the ground. The roots of the tree will remain too close to your home because they are attached to the stump. Roots may still absorb water from nearby trees. It can also occupy space and slow down the growth of other trees' roots. A company that simply removes the tree from the stump might not be able to solve the problems you were trying to resolve.

Keep All Pests and Diseases Away. - If left behind, stumps can begin to decay and attract all sorts of pests. These diseases and infestations may spread to other trees. Termites and beetles particularly love tree stumps.

Improve/Maintain aesthetics – Tree stumps are seen as unsightly and can make a home look unkempt and neglected, particularly to prospective buyers and neighboring homeowners. If you're selling your home, how it looks can make a difference. The best way to open the doors to possibilities is to have the stump removed as soon as possible. Washington Tree Solution has the ability to grind and remove stumps. Think about what you can do with your yard. The possibilities are endless. You can add flowers and bushes to your yard, as well as a fountain/statue, and plant another tree.

If you require stump grinding services, please call us immediately

The process is very complex and not all companies have the necessary equipment to do it. Washington Tree Solution has all the experience necessary and is well-equipped to handle the task. Check out our stump grinding pages and let us know what you think.

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