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What Features to Look For in A Furnace

May 7

furnace installationWhen your heating unit isn’t working correctly, especially during the winter months, expect the cold air to penetrate your home. When your system fails and you’re unable to control your indoor atmosphere, then that’s when you call a top-rated furnace installation San Antonio, TX

You don’t need a new heating system installed or replaced every month, but when you need the heating installation done, you have to know what to expect and the process involved in looking for a new heating system. 

Why You Need to Install a New Furnace

If your furnace has been with you for more than a decade, then that usually means you would need a more advanced replacement. Do you need a furnace installation San Antonio, TX? These are the signs that you have to watch out for:

  • Increasing costs for frequent repairs
  • Heating expenses of bills that continue to increase yearly
  • Pressing issues experienced even after multiple repairs
  • Furnace fails to maintain a regular or stable temperature
  • Furnace produces loud and grinding noise

Features to Look For in a Heating System

With the advancement of modern technology, you are now given a cascade of options in heating systems. There are ductless and geothermal systems that you can choose from. To ensure the proper selection of the right heating system that works for your residential heating requirements and needs, here are the features that you need to check in your HVAC unit before making a purchase:

High Energy Efficiency. Energy efficiency is critical so look for heaters with at least 80% or 98.5% efficiency ratings. This suits families and companies who are looking for high-performance systems. Systems with higher ratings could cost more, but this is recommended for long-term use.  You will benefit from a variety of features in today’s high-performance systems. Energy-efficient models are more cost-efficient and are a worthy investment. 

Eco-Friendly. Before doing furnace installation San Antonio, TX, you always have to look into environmentally friendly and sustainable options. Logically speaking, if your heating system consumes minimal energy or has high energy efficiency, then it’s also eco-friendly. Still, you also have to look for heating systems that do not emit toxins or pollutants that can harm you and the environment. 

Advanced and Durable Parts. You have to look at your heating system as a whole or the sum of its parts. This means your heating system parts (even the little details) should all be technologically advanced, functional, and durable because one slight crack of damage can severely affect the entire system. 

Quiet Function. When looking for a top-rated heating system, don’t focus on just having a warm home. But you also need an HVAC unit with a quiet or whisper-like function to feel comfortable and cozy throughout the winter months. 

Smart Thermostat. If you have a traditional thermostat, you would have to constantly adjust the temperature settings all day long to keep you comfortable. With a smart thermostat, everything is automated, which helps you save time and is convenient for daily use. 

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