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AC Compressor Failure? | Spring Hill Air Conditioning Spring Hill, Florida

May 5

Symptoms of an AC compressor failure

It is possible that your compressor is malfunctioning and your air conditioner will not turn on. The good news is that compressors are often repairable. The compressor is at the heart of an air conditioner system. It is delicate. If it does not work, it should be taken to a professional.
1) The compressor won't turn on
When AC turns on, the problem begins because you won't be able to feel the cool air blowing. The indoor unit should be fine. If not, you can check the outdoor unit. If it's not working, you can lower the thermostat to start the compressor. It might not be working if it doesn't. Spring Hill Air Conditioning should be called immediately to diagnose the problem.
2) AC is Blowing Warm Air
Sometimes the condenser appears to be working but is still leaking warm air. This is an indication of a compressor failure. Problem is that the compressor cannot pump cool gas through the system. The system cannot blow cool air.
3) Circuit Breaker
Sometimes, your compressor can overheat and draw too much power. This causes the circuit to trip. Resetting the circuit breaker and turning on the air conditioner again is not an option. Professionals should diagnose the problem with your condensing unit.
4) Vibrations from the outside unit
Sometimes, your compressor may have trouble turning on. It will shake each time it turns on. This is a common symptom that can precede compressor failure.
To ensure that your air conditioner is working properly, professional diagnosis and repair are crucial. For the best ac compressor repair, please call us at 352-600-4443.
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