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How to Solve Common Summer HVAC Problems

May 2

With the temperature rising, HVAC companies in Colorado Springs receive more requests for air conditioner repairs. It's not because it's hot, but because people are less likely not to take care of their cars.


My AC doesn't work in summer.


Due to the humidity and heat, breakdowns are more frequent during the summer. We recommend homeowners who have older HVAC units upgrade them during spring. There is a myriad of issues that could arise with air conditioners. Some of them are more common during the summer months.

Low Charge of Refrigerator:


Air conditioners don't require refrigerant during operation. Leaks in the pinhole can cause refrigerants to leak through coils and lines. This can lead to low refrigerant costs. Longer operating times, lost energy and overheating result from an air conditioner running at a low rate. This issue can be fixed by a trained HVAC contractor who will plug any leaks.

Poor Ventilation:


Airflow to the HVAC unit can be affected by a range of elements. In summer, the most common culprit is a plant that grows around the unit, which stops the air from circulating and retaining the heat. There is a risk of overheating because of this inefficiency. The intake air filter could be more blocked if the air conditioner is used more often. Every month, a new filter must be replaced, especially during the summer heat. There is a correlation between filthy filters and filthy heating coils. As the summer months begin, check the coils and clean them to ensure that the air is flowing freely over them.

Electrical problems:


The HVAC system's electronic components are more vulnerable to damage in the summer months. When using a weed trimmer close to your HVAC system, you should be extremely careful. The machine itself may damage the fins on the exterior and may even cut electrical wires, so you must be careful. Employ a professional for this task. The service is provided by HVAC firms in Colorado Springs and other HVAC services. The capacitor is perhaps the most prominent part of the HVAC system; it goes out of service during the summer. An increase in work or extreme heat from the sun can cause the electrical component to become overheated.

Failure of the compressor


But while many of the issues listed above are simple to fix, letting them go without being addressed could result in the most costly issue and a failure of the compressor. The compressor will overwork, get hot, and eventually fail because of inadequate airflow or an absence of energy. If your air conditioner isn't operating correctly, it's crucial to call an expert HVAC professional as soon as possible instead of putting it off. To prevent these issues from happening from the beginning is even better because our Service HVAC services in Colorado Springs include the system's fall and spring HVAC maintenance.

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