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Common Reasons Why Your AC Isn't Cooling Enough

May 2

 ac repairAir conditioners circulate cool, fresh air throughout your home. Yet, like any other HVAC equipment, they can be damaged or have multiple issues. So, if your AC isn't providing you with cool, fresh air, then something is wrong. And so, where can you get AC repair Hollywood Park, TX to ask for help?

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 Summer is scorching hot with all the carbon emissions and greenhouse effects. During the hot weather season at Hollywood Park, TX, it can be disappointing to find out that your air conditioning system is derailed. Well, there must be a reason why they failed to provide the cool air you needed. Below are some of the reasons why your AC isn't working like clockwork:

Thermostat Failure

 A thermostat failure is one of the reasons your air conditioner failed to provide you with cool, fresh air. There are two reasons why your thermostat is the culprit. First, your thermostat is faulty. Second, your thermostat is set incorrectly. The former is when your thermostat is wrongly calibrated. 

It means there's something wrong with its temperature calibration. So instead of sending a hot signal to provide cool air, it sends a cold signal and stops the AC's production of cool air. The latter is when the temperature setting is incorrectly set. This happens when someone changes your ideal temperature or simply forgets to set the thermostat to "cool."

 Clogged Air Filter

 A clogged air filter is another reason why your air conditioning system is not cool enough. It's the most common reason your AC can't provide you with cool, fresh air. See, the air filter keeps the dust, dirt, dander, and everything else from entering your lungs. 

All of the accumulated stuff in the filter will inevitably clog your filters, and if your filters are clogged, many issues will appear. Issues like airflow blockage will prevent the AC's cool air from reaching you. And worse, a clogged filter can even shut down the AC. But if this happens, you can get AC repair Hollywood Park, TX to ensure your comfort won't be compromised.

 Faulty Fan

 A defective fan is another reason why you can't seem to feel your AC not providing cool air. The AC's fan is responsible for returning the warm air in your house to the condenser, which will be cooled and dispersed again in your home. However, if you have a faulty fan, the air conditioner will have a hard time pulling air, resulting in your evaporator coil freezing up.

 Incorrect Size

 Have you heard of the phrase, "size doesn't matter?" Well, too bad, because size matters for air conditioners. Obviously, if you have a huge house with a small AC, you won't get the right amount of cool air you need. That's why you have to ask professionals when buying and installing your air conditioning system.

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