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Safety Tips For Your Furnace

Apr 22

furnace repairHow do you keep a complicated gas furnace safe and in good working condition? Just like any other equipment, your furnace needs TLC constantly. Here are some safety tips to avoid costly gas furnace repair Searcy, AR, ensuring that you have a warm, relaxing, and safe home.

Install CO detectors

Any appliance or HVAC system that burns fuel will typically produce carbon dioxide. If your heating unit is working correctly, then the toxic fumes should be pushed outdoors where it’s safe. However, if your heater is defective, gas leaks can happen at any time. Installing CO detectors will warn you of any gas leaks so you can flee safely and ask for the help of professional AC specialists who can make the necessary furnace repair Searcy, AR

Get Annual Service Maintenance

Your heating system needs professional maintenance done every year. The best time to set up yearly maintenance is right before the cold months set in. Annual tune-ups or maintenance would include cleaning and inspecting safety issues, such as damaged coils and carbon monoxide (CO) leaks.

Keep Furnace Away from Flammable Materials

Your furnace produces heat, so avoid cluttering the space with flammable materials. More so, keep paint, gasoline, cleaning agents, and oil from getting close to your heating system to avoid fire or any explosion from happening.

Don’t Block the Furnace Area

If your furnace is crowded or blocked by any furniture or items, then you also decrease its performance and efficiency level by half.  If your furnace is adjacent to your storage area, then avoid using it as a shelf. Ensure to declutter your furnace and store away items like paper or fabric that are flammable and can be very dangerous when stored near the furnace. 

Warning Signs the Need Furnace Repair

  1. Green, Orange, or Yellow Flame – If you notice that the flame is yellow, green, or orange, then it signals a furnace problem. By default, the flame of a furnace is supposed to be blue with perhaps a tinge of yellow on the tips. Most of the time, the problem could be dirty filters or inadequate gas supply.
  2. Furnace Creates Banging or Popping Sounds – The sound of a running furnace is normal, but once you hear popping or banging sounds, then that could point to an ignition issue. You might have problems with delayed ignition, or something could be getting in the way and preventing the gas from igniting immediately. This results in heavy gas accumulation. So, when the gas is lit up, it ignites and explode, creating that banging sound. Excessive gas could dangerously lead to flash fire. 
  3. Burning Smell – If you notice a burning smell once you open your furnace, which is lingering and does not seem to go away, there’s something off with your heating system. The smell could be caused by overheating. 
  4. Increase in Utility Bills – It’s easy to spot a sudden spike in energy consumption or utility bills by comparing your current month’s bill with what you had to pay the previous months. If your furnace is old, then it’s time to have it checked by an expert and certified furnace experts

In Need of Reliable and Fast Furnace Repair?

Knowing the above furnace safety tips and warning signs will help you take care of your heating system. If you’re worried that your furnace could break down anytime soon then it’s best to call Julian Heat and Air for furnace repair Searcy, AR. Contact their team today to get your furnace fixed right away! They service all makes and models of heating systems and guarantee quality results upon job completion.