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Dehumidifiers And Air Conditioners

Mar 28

Do some air conditioners really dehumidify the air?
By Beyond Heating And Cooling

Yes! Some systems have a dehumidification option also know as the “Dry Mode”

Some ducted and split system air conditioning units feature this latest technology to not only provide efficient cooling and heating for your home, but also to add humidify, dehumidify, ventilate or purify the air. You can switch to the dehumidification mode with a single touch of a button on your remote control or smart devices.

The moisture is sucked out of the air as a sort of side effect of the cooling process. 

By setting your system to “dry” it will reduce the moisture output in the air.
This is great because it will enable you to use the air conditioner as a robust dehumidifier in the winter (without causing the house to become even colder) and then use it as a full-fledged air conditioner in the summer months. 

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