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AC Hacks to keep cool this summer

Feb 2

Are you apprehensive about the thought of an air conditioning system cooling your body makes you sweaty? Here are some tips to keep cool, save money, and eliminate the old air cooling system.


Google estimates that operating an air conditioner with a window all summer long will cost around $300. What room do you prefer? What about the bedroom? It could be your home office. What about your living space? Are your family members gathered around the noisy, dripping appliance whenever the summer arrives? Do you ever hear complaints about how cold your home is, and how Heating and Cooling Colorado Springs has done the job well?

What's your objective to achieve?

CFLs and LEDs are the most effective option. If you're looking for a reason to change your mind you can read about it here. About 90% of the light bulbs' energy is wasted as heat. While CFLs and LEDs be a little impact on the temperature in your home, they can aid in reducing electricity usage.


  • Breathe in the fresh air. You can open your windows in the evening. Fans can be utilized to produce white noise in areas with a lot of noise. It's still better than an air conditioner. It's also possible to enjoy the sound of peepers and crickets as you sleep when you're in a rural area. They'll be able to soothe you in your sleep.

  • Shut the curtains. The coolest air in the morning. However, when the sun sets and temperatures begin to increase, shut the curtains. After your home has taken the coldest air as you can, shut the doors and then open the blinds in order to keep the temperature warm. This may sound counterintuitive, but your morning self will be thankful.

  • Remove the stove and relax by the flame. It's not a good idea to heat the temperature of your oven to 350 degrees in your home.

  • The freezer can cause you to feel cold. Place the brand new cotton sheets in the freezer prior to when you go to sleep. Enjoy a fresh cool, cool-to-the-touch bed.

  • Airflow can be utilized in innovative ways. It could be a mistake If you thought that fans were only for blowing air. Flip your window fan upside down in order to draw out all the heat. If you put windows next to each other the hot air will be pulled out, and cool air will be drawn into. Explore different layouts to determine the most suitable one to fit your space. If you're lucky you could find the most efficient standard across breeze

  • Connect to your roots. Set a large bowl of ice or a baking pan on top of the fan. The breeze will bring the cold air with you. It was the way it was prior to air conditioning, and it was effective!


Would you like to drink one-quarter of a glass? The voice of the narrator is "Fill the jar with water." Your body requires water to stay cool, which is why it is essential to drink plenty of water all day long. It's normal for your body to sweat.

Shower with ice water. It's energizing and reduces energy consumption, and research has proven that it can boost productivity.

Unplug. It is more beneficial to unplug electronic devices rather than turn off the lights at night. This can lower the temperature of your home and will help you save energy costs.


Here are some tips to keep cool during hot weather. However, remember to look at the larger picture. The money can be used to plant trees and plants around your home or build an awning for your windows. While $300 may seem like a lot in the summer, it's possible to make a huge reduction in energy use by working together.

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