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Problems That a Dirty Filter Can Cause

Jan 24

A heating system does not only keep you cozy during the long cold season but also ensures that your indoor air quality is clean and safe. Thanks to the HVAC filter as you can be sure that no dust, dirt, and other allergens circulate within your home. 

What is an Air Filter? 

Air filter is a vital part of any heating or cooling system as it traps any airborne contaminants to allow your HVAC unit to provide clean or dust-free air, perfect for families with serious allergies. But with frequent use, dirt will start to accumulate in the filter, requiring an immediate cleaning. 

What’s the Importance of Filter Cleaning or Replacement? 

While you may not give your filter much thought during the heating season, it's important to take care of it throughout the year. Here are some of the benefits of timely filter cleaning: 

Extends the Life of Your Heating System

One reason why you should clean your filter is to extend the life of your furnace and keep the costs of heating repair in Frisco, TX down. This is because dirt can collect inside your heating system over time, damaging metal components like heat exchangers. 

If left alone long enough, dirt will cause rust inside these components, which leads to corrosion and leakage. To avoid this costly scenario, make sure you check or replace filters regularly with the pros of heating repair in Frisco, TX

Saves Energy and Money

Aside from keeping your heating system in top condition for years, cleaning your filter also saves you money. As dirt builds up inside the furnace, the airflow through the vents is decreased. 

As a result, your HVAC systems have to work harder and use more energy to create the desired airflow in your space. Therefore, regularly changing or cleaning filters will help reduce this wear and tear. 

What Are The Problems Caused By a Dirty Filter? 

A dirty heating filter can cause more than just discomfort. Below are a few problems that a dirty heating filter can cause:

Reduced Heating Efficiency 

A clean air filter reduces the pressure drop across the heating equipment, which means less work for your HVAC appliance, so you save money on your utility bills. Not only does this minimize the stress on your furnace, but reduced strain also increases comfort levels in rooms where heating ducts may be located. 

Indoor Air Problems

Dirty filters can allow bacteria, viruses, and spores to spread around your house at much higher speeds than normal. This can lead to sneezing, coughing, breathing difficulties, and other unpleasant situations for you and your family. So, your furnace filter should be included in any serious effort you make to improve your indoor air quality.

Increased Wear and Tear on Other HVAC Components

It is always recommended to invest in a quality filter because it lasts long. But after a few months, dirt would start to accumulate that should be removed right away. When left uncleaned for days or worse weeks, it can lead to increased wear and tear on other primary HVAC components. 

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