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Client-Focused Commercial Water Heater Installation Repair in Highland Park, IL

Jan 7

Regular maintenance is a must for commercially used waters heaters – whether for production, cleaning, or other domestic purposes. Well-maintained ones can last longer than those that are not serviced regularly.

Therefore, if it starts showing signs of age, do not hesitate to conduct an overhaul or replacement. And where could you find commercial water heater installation repair in Highland Park, IL? Well, read on.  

Common Repair Issues

Does your existing commercial water heater require replacement or not? If it needs replacement, one factor to consider is its age. Other reasons include rusty water, frequent repairs, rumbling noises, not enough hot water, etc. 

On the flip side, the repair procedure depends on your system. But before doing that, a full inspection of its condition is a must.

Moreover, water heaters do not need a lot of maintenance because you can heavily depend on these units. But if it requires repair, it should be fixed as soon as possible. Below are the common problems that businesses encounter:

Electric Water Heaters

It draws airborne heat into the water tank. Since a heat pump operates the heater, there is a reduction in your energy consumption when you use it. Also, circuits and electricity supply should be checked in these units because some issues regarding the electrical panel they are connected to might occur. 


Gas Water Heaters

Your water heater will start functioning correctly again with the help of thermocouple replacements and pilot light maintenance. 


Tank Draining

Corrosion can be a result due to build-up of sediment. The unit’s performance is affected by this phenomenon. That is why draining the tank is vital to remove the residue and extend its life. 


Leaky Valves

Valves usually wear out over time which can result in a leak. If this happens, you may replace it.


Water Temperature

Not receiving enough water can result when resetting temperature. 

Commercial Water Heater Installation Repair in Highland Park, IL

You need skilled technicians to fix and set up your type of commercial water heater. To do this, certified plumbers offer replacement/repair services for electric, gas, and commercial tankless water heaters. 

Furthermore, do not gamble on service personnel not trained in this field. You should seek assistance only from certified service providers that show supreme confidence. Work with professionals who specialize in repairing, maintaining, and installing. You can look into their proven track records to secure quality services. 

Here are several things to consider to ensure that quality work and excellent customer service is guaranteed:

  • Proficient, experienced, and fully-trained technicians
  • Quick and convenient services
  • Offers competitive prices
  • Has a client-focused model
  • Reliable and honest services

Go for a Reliable and Client-Focused Company!

The retail facilities, apartment/condo complexes, office spaces, restaurants, hotels, other business sectors rely on dependable service providers in maintaining their commercial water heaters. Their existing system must perform to keep up with the high demands of hot water supply. 

Do you need a commercial water heater installation repair in Highland Park, IL, anytime soon? Well, it’s time to contact Goode Plumbing at 773-295-7773. Let us solve your water heater issues and concerns on the dot. Installations and repairs are not a problem. We can give you recommendations based on the condition of your existing unit.