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Dec 14


Cleveland residents who have been around for a while will be familiar with the fact that cooling systems are essential to surviving these scorching summers. When outside temperatures rise above 80 degrees, there is nothing more relaxing than hearing the AC running. Hot days and hot nights can be a strain on your air conditioner. Cleveland HVAC Contractors will make sure your air conditioner stays in good condition.


Are you looking for an AC replacement for your home, or are you just starting to look? You've reached the right place. Cleveland HVAC Contractors is proud to offer the best products and provide service on a variety of models and sizes of top-of-the-line air conditioning units. If you are satisfied with the make/model of your current system or are looking to upgrade to an eco-friendly model, let one of our AC professionals know. We will help you decide which unit is right for your family. Then we'll start to install your air conditioner.


  • Ductless AC. Ductless AC can be used in your entire home even if there is no ductwork. Cleveland HVAC Contractors Plumbing and Heating & Air Conditioning is the best company to help you install and maintain your ductless AC system.
  • heat pumps: Heatpumps - These heat pumps are flexible, energy-efficient, and complex. Our technicians can solve all heat pump issues so that you get the heat you want in winter and the coolness you need in summer.
  • Smart thermostats: A thermostat is the best control tool for your HVAC systems. We can assist you with a smart-thermostat upgrade, or repair. We'll ensure your thermostat matches the HVAC system to maximize your cooling and heating system.
  • Zon Control Air Conditioning - Do you want to be able to adjust your heating/cooling settings more precisely? Motorized dampers will control your heating and cooling in the designated areas, so you can feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your house.

Just as you depend on your AC for cooling your home at a comfortable temperature to keep you cool, your AC's home air conditioner also depends on you to make repairs when they are needed. It's a sad but factual truth that every AC unit will eventually break down at some point. The more age the AC unit, the more likely it is to fail. There are ways to avoid being stranded by your broken air conditioner during a scorching summer day. These are signs to look out for that your air conditioner needs repair.

  • Warm air is being distributed through the vents or AC unit
  • Insufficient airflow results in a room not cooling evenly.
  • The humidity levels are far too high to be enjoyed
  • The AC unit never stops working
  • When the AC turns on, you can hear loud noises or smell weird odors.
  • Your AC unit may be older than 15 years
  • The AC unit is leaking.


Regular maintenance is crucial to the health and efficiency of your air conditioner. All home appliances suffer from wear and tear. Air conditioners are no exception! They may feel the heat a lot more than others in these hot, Cleveland summers. If your air conditioner has not been running 24/7, scheduling AC maintenance is the best thing you can do as a homeowner.


You don't have to wait any longer, so dial our number now! Cleveland HVAC Contractors Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, has more than 70 years experience providing air conditioning services to Clevelanders. We have the experience to keep your AC cool and working efficiently, no matter what your schedule. We will guarantee your satisfaction and not complete the job until it is completed.

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