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Dec 14

AC is the Easy Way to Solve Extreme Heat Emergency

2016 already has been a record-breaking heat year, and it's only getting hotter! San Diego is about to experience its hottest days.

This summer, don't be caught without an air conditioner!

It's time to get the San Diego 24-hour AC repair number -- it's going to be a hot summer. The southwest United States was hit with a heatwave that surpassed all records. The hottest year ever recorded (for the planet) was also observed in the southwest United States. 2016 may be the year! According to the New York Times, temperatures records were broken around the world last year when scientists reported that 2015 was the "Hottest Year in Historical Record".

You have plenty of reasons to protect yourself against extreme temperatures in San Diego this summer.

What do you do if your AC suddenly stops working in the middle of the night?

San Diego's 24-hour emergency AC repair company is available! Don't let summer's scorching heat ruin your sun! Everyone can agree that sunny days are the best in a place like Florida. Without air conditioning, a sunny day can quickly become a hot, humid, uncomfortable mess. The rising temperatures make it impossible to enjoy the outdoors or indoors.

Can a 24-hour AC repair company fix my unit?

You can reach a San Diego 24-hour AC repair company to have an expert technician diagnose the problem and make repairs. Your unit will be back up and running in no time if we are able to perform air conditioning repairs. Some air conditioners may not be able to perform the repairs necessary to maintain their peak performance.

How do I decide whether to replace or repair my air conditioner unit?

A trained technician may be able to diagnose if the unit is beyond repair. It is easy to determine whether to replace or repair an air conditioner unit by looking at its life expectancy and repair cost.

Air conditioning units have a minimum life expectancy of 10 years. However, many San Diego air conditioning companies will recommend that older units be replaced. This is due to the difference in the cost of repairing the unit and replacing it. A unit older than 15 years is not a good idea. It is not enjoyable to have to call your air conditioner repair San Diego company every so often in such a hot area as Florida.

Are you unsure if your unit is older than 10 years? It's a smart idea to keep the number of San Diego 24-hour AC repairs.


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