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Transporting Goods at Right Temperature in Canada

Nov 13

One of the most common ways to create a successful trade is by delivering goods that require refrigeration under the right temperature. One would think that with modern day technology being so advanced, the process of transporting goods at a required temperature would be a breeze. Well, often it doesn't turn out to be that straightforward. Carriers are often faced with the challenge of transporting refrigerated goods without any harm occurring to them. This article will shed some light on this subject, however in order to check portable refrigerated containers for your Van visit:

Coldtainer is a commercial-grade, portable isothermal container designed for the transport of food, medicines, biological substances and chemicals that require the perfect temperature be maintained from point A to point B. This professional, flexible storage solution is easy to load, easy to clean, low in energy consumption and offers the best production quality and value for money in the market.

What is a Refrigerated Van?

This type of van is similar to the standard one, with only a few key differences. One of them being that it can maintain a refrigerated temperature around +2°Celsius, required for the transportation of food and other goods that need to be kept cool at all times.

Why are they important?

Providing you have something which needs to remain cold, whether it's perishable or not, having this type of vehicle means your business won't suffer. This is because carriers specializing in refrigerated vehicles are able to provide their customers with more flexibility when delivering goods. Without these vans there would be no way to prevent perishables like food and other goods that need to be kept cool at all times from spoiling.

What things should you know?

There are a few factors which you should keep in mind when transporting items requiring refrigeration. With these vans the temperature is mainly regulated by monitoring the temperature inside them, so it's important that each vehicle is fitted with an efficient heating/cooling system. Making sure they're clean and tidy will also help maintain temperature control. It's also advised that you load them carefully, preventing any items that could restrict air flow or cause damage, such as liquids or sharp objects. You should also check for any gas leakage or irregularity beforehand, especially if it's been a while since it was last used.


With all this information in mind, you're now aware of the importance of refrigerated van services. So if you're transporting perishables or other items that need to be kept cool at all times, make sure you find a carrier which provides refrigerated van services or convert your van into a refrigerated van using Coldtainer products. You might also want to take a look at our van and car leasing packages.