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Jul 8

Topeka, Kansas, April 21, 2021 ─ HVAC Repair announced its recent acquisition of HVAC Repair Topeka KS Heating and Cooling (" Air Conditioning"). HVAC Repair Topeka KS Heating and Cooling supplies heating, air conditioning, pipes and electrical repair and replacement services to its clients throughout greater Topeka and Lawrence, KS, and Perry, Kansas markets in addition to surrounding areas. Known in your area for their impressive customer care and craftsmanship, HVAC Repair will keep its current brand name while acquiring support from Kansas HVAC's services support teams. HVAC Repair represents Heating and Cooling ninth acquisition overall and very first acquisition in Kansas.

" It has been a satisfaction learning more about Jeremey Botts and the rest of the HVAC Repair Team. Given that 2016, HVAC Repair has been the house service industry leader in Topeka and Lawrence. They are devoted to constructing relationships with homeowners and clients through their 100% customer fulfillment warranty," stated Jeremey Botts, Vice President of Operations & Acquisitions at HVAC. "We are thrilled to have the ability to offer a retirement option for Jeremey while supplying employment and development chances to the HVAC Repair staff member. We are likewise thrilled to provide enhanced innovation, training and item assistance that will take their brand name to the next level."

Local residents thinking about services from HVAC Repair can learn more and call their team through their sites, at

HVAC concentrates on strategic growth in the home service industry through acquisition and partnership with regional market-leading brands throughout Lawrence and Topeka, Kansas. As part of the broader HVAC team, HVAC Repair will sign up with nine outstanding service brand names across Kansas stretching from Topeka, KS to Kansas City, KS.

HVAC Repair services approximately 12,000 families yearly through their local brand names. Since its beginning in 2016, the company has concentrated on growth through natural efforts and their accretive acquisition strategy of leading home service companies. For more details about HVAC's acquisition program, go to


Business Name: HVAC Repair Service

Location:  1809 SW Western Ave, Topeka, KS 66604

Number: 785-268-4037

Hours: 24/7

Headquartered in Topeka, Kansas, HVAC Repair Services® runs heating, air conditioning, pipes and electrical home service businesses in the United States. For more information about HVAC go to