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And Why, Specifically, Is A Precision Boiler The Best Option Out There?

Dec 28

Precision Boilers' electric and gas-fired boilers and boiler room equipment are cutting-edge pieces of machinery.

Various industries around the United States rely on these solutions (such as medical institutions, schools, and commercial settings). Precision Boilers collaborates with both end-users and service providers to find answers to boiler room issues including efficiency, output, and space management.

Boiler, Electric Steam, ST Series II Model

Precision Boilers' ST Series II model offers a wide variety of customization choices. As a consequence, there is a great deal of leeway in terms of design and technical specifications.

The ST is renowned for its great efficiency, minimal maintenance needs, and unrivaled longevity, and it comes in power ranges from 15 kW to 4000 kW. Controls that talk to power providers may save money by switching to cheaper off-peak hours, and this is only one example of an additional function.

Critical Advantages

  • Strength is enhanced with a 16-gauge cabinet and a solid steel foundation.
  • UL has listed or approved all electrical parts.
  • Currently, all units are CSD-1 compliant.
  • A wide variety of exterior and interior finishes and accessories are offered, allowing for individualized creations to fit a variety of tastes.
  • Large control cabinets provide lots of space for upgrades and interfaces that may be installed in the field. Electrical components are clearly labeled and laid out, and all wiring is color-coded for ease of field servicing.
  • Each U-shaped flanged U-tube is used, decreasing the time required to swap out the heating element.

Precision Boilers' HW Series II boiler is a highly customizable hot water heating solution. This means you may choose from a variety of design and specification options. The HW is available in a wide range of power outputs (from 15 kW to 4240 kW) and is lauded for its efficiency, low maintenance requirements, and long service life. Furthermore, controls that communicate with utility providers to take advantage of off-peak power pricing are included.

Essential Benefits

  • The product's overall durability is enhanced with a 16-gauge cabinet and a solid steel foundation.
  • All of the electrical parts have been approved by the United States's Underwriters Laboratory.
  • Each and every unit conforms to the requirements of CSD-1.
  • Turning off the air conditioning will save it from overheating.
  • Any designer's preferences may be accommodated with our customizable trim and features.
  • A wide variety of large control cabinets with plenty of space for future expansions and interfaces that may be installed in the field are now on the market. All wiring and cables follow a strict color-coding system.
  • It is simple to get to the parts that need fixing out in the field.
  • The U-tube heating element is designed with independent flanges, which helps save replacement time.

Electric Hot Water Tanks

Rapidly heat the water, please They number in the thousands. Precision Model HWS (Hot Water Storage) Commercial Volume Storage Water Heaters are ideal for industrial, commercial, and institutional clients that need large volumes of hot water at constant temperatures. When you need a lot of hot water quickly and can't afford any breakdowns, Precision is the way to go.

We provide a variety of storage and recovery solutions to match the needs of your unique project.

Hot water has been a staple in a wide range of residential, institutional, educational, commercial, and industrial settings thanks to Precision's hot water delivery services for over 50 years.

Electric storage water heaters are offered in both vertical and horizontal configurations, with design pressures ranging from 125 psi to 150 psi, and are produced to ASME standards and registered with the National Board. All of them have passed inspection and are labeled HLW because they adhere to ASME Code Section IV. Depending on the size, storage capacity may be anywhere from 125 to 5500 gallons, and recoveries can be anywhere from 62.5 to 268 gallons per hour. PRECISION Incoloy-coated, individually flanged parts cover a broad range of input power rates, from 10 kW to more than 480 kW.

Primary Benefits

  • It can rapidly heat a large quantity of water.
  • A wide variety of exterior and interior finishes and accessories are offered to allow for individualized creations.
  • There are two distinct liner options for tanks (Precision Seal & Cement, NSF-61 Compliant).
  • Significant strength.
  • The sizes range from 125 gallons up to 5500 gallons.
  • You may use both barrels at once (steam or hot water coil and electric).
  • The only electrical components used are those that have passed testing and approval by UL or a similar organization.
  • Elements with incoloy flanges and jackets (75 wsi).

Excellent performance in a space-saving design characterizes this electric water heater's powerful but compact design.
The Precision Boilers Compac's low profile makes it a great choice for usage in both brand new builds and existing homes requiring upgrades. Its compact size allows it to pass through standard doors and other standard apertures.

With outputs ranging from 15 kW to 720 kW, the PCW offers a flexible, low-maintenance, and dependable power source. Controls that talk to power providers may save money by switching to cheaper off-peak hours, and this is only one example of an additional function.

Takeaways That Can't Be Missed

  • Due to its small size and modest profile, it is well suited for use in both existing buildings and new construction.
  • At maximum capacity, it is capable of generating 15 MW (MW).
  • Extra embellishments and fittings may be installed to fulfill specialized design requirements.
  • Since the temperature sensor is located in the exhaust pipe, the thermostat should be disabled.
  • Superior performance in every way.
  • The system may be seen and controlled from a distance.
  • There is no horizontal clearance required for element removal.
  • The cabinet is sturdy since it is made of 16 gauge steel and has a flanged steel base.
  • No non-UL-approved electrical part is used.
  • The heating element's modular U-tube design with removable flanges reduces maintenance downtime.
  • Success in meeting the CSD-1 requirement (Units greater than 117 kW).

Cement-Lined Tanks

Precision Lined Storage Tanks may be installed either vertically or horizontally and range in diameter from 24 inches to 96 inches and in capacity from 125 gallons to 5500 gallons. It is possible to use an electric or gas boiler, or another heating source in addition to a water storage tank, to heat water in a home. Both Precision Seal and Cement linings meet NSF-61 requirements, so you can choose whichever one is most appropriate for your needs.

A water heating system with enough storage capacity and recovery time for the time period necessary may be created to provide potable hot water for any usage. Since the total volume, flow rate, peak load period length and timing, and temperature requirements vary from one application to the next, PRECISION offers a wide variety of capacity choices. PRECISION is able to produce custom orders of any size or shape, in addition to the usual sizes and design pressures.