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7 Tips for Selling your home in the Hot Seller's Market

Dec 19
Demand is high and inventory is low. Bidding wars. Properties that sell for more than the asking price Does this sound familiar? If so, you're likely to be in a buyer's real estate market.
 A hot market may help you to sell your home however, there are a few aspects you need to be aware of to boost the interest of buyers and make an offer. The following are our top seven suggestions below.

1. Trust the best professionals

It is crucial to properly vet professionals before you consider working with them, even in a highly competitive market.
 In a hot market, choosing a real estate agent is one of the most crucial decisions you'll make. It is important to find an individual who will help you understand the particular conditions of selling your house. They should be knowledgeable of the market in your area.
 When you have narrowed down your options be sure to thoroughly check them out by reading reviews from customers who have had similar experiences. This can be accomplished with the help of online customer reviews.

2. Check Your Home's Address

An agent from the real estate industry can help determine the ideal time to sell your house however, most experts suggest doing it before Friday morning. Why? Because buyers check the MLS Fridays before they go home hunting. Your latest listing could pique their curiosity.
 What's the price? Your strategy could dictate the price you put on your house. If your strategy is to attract more attention, it might encourage buyers to make offers higher than what is the market value.
 Tips Before you list your home, be sure to determine where you will be moving. If you don't think ahead, you might end up in a tense situation where homes sell more quickly than you expected.

3. Repairs and updates

Be sure to think about updating. Buyers in a seller's market might be more likely to overlook outdated elements and flaws in the cosmetic (e.g., paint, flooring, countertops, and more. ) in addition to costly fixes like windows or a roof that needs to be replaced.
 Speak to your agent if there are plans to do any improvements or repairs to your house.

4. Stagers can do magic!

Stagers can be hired to furnish your property if you don't plan on staying there when it's for sale. Doing so will help potential buyers imagine themselves in the home and improve their odds of accepting an offer.

5. Cleaning Tips to Sell Your Home

 No matter what the market conditions may be whatever the market conditions are, you should keep your home clean. Clean the windows and vacuum drapes, carpets and upholstery. Dust thoroughly and mop the floors. Home buyers will be more relaxed when they see their homes as clean and tidy.

6. De-cluttering Your Home

It's important to clean your home from top to bottom. This means:
  •   The reduction of photos of family members (e.g., weddings, vacations, and other special memories) around the house
  •   Moving large furniture items to storage
  •   Remove items from the refrigerator (e.g. magnets, artwork, etc.)
  •   Draws and cupboards that are tidy
  •   Organizing closets, especially if you don't have many or they're small (or both)
Creating a clutter-free environment will make your house appear bigger and make potential buyers feel comfortable, making buyers more likely to accept an offer.

  7. Examining Offers

 If you price your home in a competitive manner, you're likely to receive multiple offers in a hot market. Take a look at them all and pick the one that meets your needs the most.
 Other elements to consider when making your decision include the possibility of financing versus cash, the moving date and the amount of down payment, contingencies (e.g. inspection, appraisal, etc. ) as well as concessions (e.g. the buyer pays closing costs).
 Keep in mind that if you value your house according to the market and you accept an offer that is substantially higher than the asking price, it can cause appraisal issues. This could lead to appraisal problems. If this happens, you will need to reduce the amount or make an offer of cash to make up for the difference.



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