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When to Call for Heating Repair

Dec 9

Are the loud banging or clanking starting to cause you a lot of frustration? Is the noise making it hard to sleep at night or to have peace in your home? Your unit might already be screaming for heating repair Bradenton, FL!

Even the most reliable and high-quality machines are prone to get damaged over time. Heavy usage and constant environmental exposure can prove fatal for your unit, particularly if you fail to perform the necessary maintenance. Routine service can extend the life of your heater. However, you should also monitor any potential damage and address it right away so that the machine won't have to undergo more serious repairs in the future.


Watch Out For These Warning Signs

You must get to know the warning signs of heating repair Bradenton, FL so that you can immediately spot the need for costly, unnecessary repair. 

Some of the signs that you should pay close attention to include:

  • Loud banging, clanking, or hissing sounds. Causes could be from a build-up of gunk or dirt to a malfunctioning part.
  • Widespread leaks, stains, or damage to the unit's base. Water can damage the sensitive inner workings of the heating system, so you should treat these signs as an emergency. Be sure to dry everything immediately and call a repair specialist before the damage worsens.
  • Hot spots on the floor or other places around the house, particularly during times of use. This signifies that your unit needs a heating repair Bradenton, FL or a replacement.
  • Failure to heat the entire house. Check if the thermostat is working properly and whether or not your system is in good condition. Sometimes, you might only need to replace a filter or adjust the pipes.
  • Higher heating bills. It is a good indicator that your heating unit must undergo more serious repairs before it completely breaks down. Some common causes include clogged filters, malfunctioning parts, and damage to the unit.
  • Air that smells like burning plastic, wood, or metal. It might indicate fire damage, so it is important to contact a local heating repair Bradenton, FL company right away. 


Could You Handle the Repairs?

If your unit is showing some of the above signs, you should consult a heating repair specialist as soon as possible. If you are not familiar with the inner workings of your machine or if you lack the experience and skills to handle this repair safely, you might as well want to leave everything to the professionals.

But suppose you have some experience working on similar machinery and feel comfortable handling the task yourself. You can save a lot of money by comparing the cost of parts, tools, and hourly rates to figure out if you should hire an HVAC technician or do it on your own. Either way, be sure to have your heating unit checked out at least once a year so you can enjoy many years of safe and reliable service!


Don't Let a Broken Heater Spoil the Holidays – Call Air Now for Prompt Repairs!

The holidays are a time of celebration and cheer, but if your heater suddenly stops working, you can't fully enjoy the season. 

Instead of freezing throughout the holidays, give Air Now a call for reliable, quick heating repair in Bradenton, FL. It specializes in a wide range of heating services, from emergency repairs to preventive maintenance. The technicians are highly trained and experienced in fixing any type of heating system, no matter how old or new.

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