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Parts For A Cylindrical Boiler Made Of Stainless Steel

Aug 31

This cylindrical steel boiler device is perfect for pumping water up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (with a Model D pump) and up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit (with Model P low NPSH pump). A standard, 3/16" thick, black steel receiver is included with the floor-mounted gravity return device. This is an ideal option for areas with restricted space. The 300 class stainless steel used to make receivers is very resistant to corrosion, and epoxy or plasite linings are available for most receiver sizes. Receiver sizes and shapes may be customized to meet the needs of a wide range of applications, with the smallest beginning at 49 gallons. The device can manage a variety of flows and pressures.

The water supply is normally managed by a float switch connected to a solenoid valve powered by electricity. Although simplex and duplex configurations are the most prevalent, there are more choices available. Pumps may be powered by either a single- or three-phase motor, and those motors can spin at either 1750 or 3500 RPM. Bronze-fitted Model D or Model P pumps driven by normal industry-sized motors employ mechanical seals rated for temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. We can make special seals and faces to withstand greater temperatures if you need them. Pumps may be set up either vertically or laterally.

Other optional add-ons include a gauge glass assembly, thermometer, intake strainer, butterfly isolation valve, low-water cut-off or alarm switch, a submerged heater tube for preheating feed water, electrical control panels, and tank insulation.