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How do I know if my air ducts were cleaned properly?

Aug 17

Your HVAC system has been working hard throughout the year. The more your HVAC system is utilized, the more dust and dirt will accumulate within the air ducts. Before you spend on professional air duct cleaning, ensure you check your ducts to determine whether they require cleaning.


There are many advantages to employing an air duct cleaning company. It is recommended that this process be carried out every 5-10 years. Clean ductwork can improve the quality of indoor air, which is especially beneficial for those with respiratory problems. It will also make your HVAC system more efficient (up to 40%).


professional duct cleaning Albuquerque will clean your ductwork. This includes small items and pets, toys, or mold, among other possible sources of indoor air pollution.


How do you inspect the air vents and the ducts?

Many tools include a flashlight, flash camera, and a screwdriver.


1. Cleansing the air ducts is an Important Part of Maintaining Your HVAC System.

Look at the registers and air vents as you observe how your HVAC system operates. You might notice dust or other materials coming out of the ductwork of your HVAC. This could mean that there's a bigger clog.


2. Check Ductwork and Registers for dust, dirt, Cobwebs, and Other Building Debris.

Make sure you go to one of your vent registers and inspect the vent more carefully using your screwdriver or flash camera (located on the floor or along the lower portions of your walls). After you have removed the vent grill, take a peek inside the vehicle. If you notice a lot of dirt and dust, you'll need to have your vents cleaned.

Cleaning airborne contaminants out of the air ducts will improve the health of your home surroundings. It improves the quality of indoor air, and reduces the number of contaminants in the air that people inhale before entering their homes.

3. Make the most of your Flash Camera

Use your flash camera to gain a better view of the scene by placing your arm in the hole and taking a couple of photos. After collecting as much information and pictures as possible, call the professional duct cleaning Albuquerque. They'll use specialized tools to remove all dirt, dust, and other debris accumulated in your ductwork. This will improve indoor air quality and help your HVAC system run more effectively.


4. It is important to look for rodent droppings and evidence of mold

Common problems to look for are rodent droppings and signs of mold. Dead insects and mouse droppings could indicate an infestation issue, which an experienced pest control service must take care of as soon as feasible.


5. For a diagnosis of an infestation, get in touch with a professional as soon as you notice an accumulation of dust and particles or other indications.

Get in touch with a professional when you observe excessive dust, mold, debris, or other symptoms that indicate an infestation. There are several options to clean your ductwork. You should inspect the registers and ductwork for dirt, dust, and pollen. If there is a significant amount of accumulations, it could indicate that you must get the system cleaned by a professional duct cleaning Albuquerque. Also, you can use your camera flash and take pictures of the scene to share the information later. Finally, if there are signs or indications of an infestation appear, then act and contact an expert Air Duct Cleaning Service in Albuquerque.


6. Save money and improve your Indoor Air Quality By Having Your Ductwork professionally cleaned.

If you've cleaned your ductwork, you don't have to check them for at least 5 years. You must seal your air ducts properly after cleaning them. This is especially important because 20-30% of our air-conditioned indoor air escapes due to ductwork and leaks. To increase the efficiency of your air conditioner and reduce dirt and dust in your home, you must learn to make sure it is sealed.

In addition to improving the quality of your interior air by having a professional cleaning done and sealing the air ducts, you will also improve the efficiency of your HVAC. This will result in reduced costs, improved health, and less in illness. If you're suffering from respiratory problems but cannot determine the cause, then cleaning your air ducts might be the solution you're looking for.

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