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Top 4 Kitchen Cabinet Update Options

Jun 22

Top 4 Kitchen Cabinet Update Options

There are four major options when it comes down to kitchen cabinet remodeling. When choosing the best kitchen cabinet option, take into account your budget, lifestyle, and the changes that may be necessary. You also need to consider the overall design of your home, the style, material, quality, and the amount of work involved. Our experts will help you get more out of your remodeling projects. Please read the following to see how we go over each option.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Possibilities

The best way to remodel your kitchen is by updating your kitchen cabinets. It is estimated that cabinetry accounts for almost 80 percent of the space in your kitchen. These are the options you have if your kitchen needs a facelift.

Option 1: Economical cabinet refacing

Kitchen cabinet refacing could save you up to half of the cost of purchasing new cabinets. However, this option only works if your existing cupboard boxes are in good condition. A competent cabinet refacing service can transform the look and functionality of your current kitchen. They can also build additional cabinets to match if needed.

Cabinet refacing requires all new doors, drawer fronts, and end panels. Cabinet refacing takes less effort than installing new cabinetry. Most cases are completed in less than a week. To enhance the performance of the kitchen's interiors, homeowners have the option to upgrade their storage. Plus, cabinet refacing is more sustainable than other materials. This means less waste goes to landfills.

Option 2: Painting cabinets

DIY homeowners love this option, and it is a very popular choice for cabinet upgrades. If you're looking to make a change from a woodgrain appearance to a more modern flat color, some companies might offer painting. While this option is often the most cost-effective, it may not achieve what homeowners are looking for. Painting cabinets can be labor-intensive. You'll need to take out all the doors and drawers. Then, you will have to prep the area for paint. After that, you will need each door, drawer, cabinet box frame, and covered with paint. You will have the same door design as before. If you have existing doors that are damaged or warped, there is a higher chance of paint chipping.

Option 3: Purchase new stock cabinets

The idea of ordering new, stock cabinets in bulk from a big-box retailer is appealing. However, this might not be an ideal solution if you aren't handy. Renovating your kitchen can be done by homeowners at affordable prices. It is your responsibility to measure and order the exact dimensions of your kitchen, including hinges and hardware.

You can use the savings to buy new appliances or create custom solutions such as a built-in under-cabinet wine chiller, which can make your kitchen more functional and beautiful. You should include this item in the initial measurement.

Option 4: Replacing doors only

While you can find lots of results online for the term "kitchen cabinet door", they may not match what you are looking for. You can use an online or contractor source to order factory-made cabinet drawers and doors. They will still be the same color and finish as your cabinet box. This could limit your design choices. The Spruce offers design inspiration and even suggests painting the cabinets. The homeowner still has to perform the necessary work. This is where the old saying you get what your pay for really does apply.

Change the balance in your favor

It is important that you know your goals and budget for your kitchen remodeling. Do you just want to update the look of the kitchen? Or do you plan on redesigning the whole room? Consider all your options before deciding which kitchen cabinet refacing option is best for you. Schedule a consultation with a Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing expert to discuss your options.


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