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Jun 21


Summer is the season for outdoor fun. Enjoy it! The warmer weather allows you to get outside and enjoy outdoor barbecues, pool parties, and just relaxing in your backyard. While summer is a wonderful time, the constant movement can have a negative impact on the cleanliness of your home. The experts at Henderson Carpet Cleaners recommend wrapping up the summer and getting ready to transition into the cooler months by deep-sea carpet cleaning.

Summertime Dirt and Grime Eliminated for a Cleaner House

Whether your pet comes in covered in mud or your kid's track dirt and grass on their bare feet after a rainstorm, your carpet has taken a beating. Over time, dirt, dust, and grime can accumulate in your carpet's fibers.

This means that when your pets and kids move to indoor play in the fall or winter, they will be exposed months later to allergens. You will feel more secure if you schedule deep carpet cleansing now. Your home will remain a safe and pleasant place for you to relax long after the heat of summer has passed.

Deep Carpet Cleaning Process

Hot Carbonating Extraction is also known as H.C.E., is our deep carpet cleaner. It cleans your home quickly and leaves it cleaner and healthier than before.

H.C.E. It can be used to remove dirt and grime built up over the summer months. It can also help to remove stains and improve indoor quality. You will love the freshness and clean feeling of our services as your family begins to turn a new page for fall.

What makes Hot Carbonating Extraction special? It does more than just clean your carpets of dirt. This non-toxic formula, The Natural, dissolves deep-seated grime in carpets and uses the power carbonation to propel it to the top for easy extraction using our unique equipment.

The Natural and Hot carbonating extraction is so powerful, that you won't need to use any harsh chemicals or gallons worth of water to clean your carpet. This means you won’t have disruption to your family’s normal routine while your carpet dries. Instead, it's possible to return to your everyday life in just hours.

Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning for the Post-Summer

You can't keep your kids from being in dirty swimsuits, sun-slathered feet, or pets on your furniture. This is not an easy task. We offer extensive upholstery cleaning along with our deep carpet cleaning services.

Hot Carbonating can also be used for upholstery cleaning to remove stains, oils, and dust. We offer a Protectant Package to ensure your furniture looks its best while your children are back in school and as we approach the holiday season.

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