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What Does it Cost to Pour a Concrete Slab?

Apr 7

What Does it Cost to Pour a Concrete Slab?

It can be difficult for you to get concrete estimates. You should compare concrete companies and find a company that is both reliable and affordable. Phoenix Concrete Contractors provides concrete services that are timely and accurate.

Concrete Slabs Cost Factors

Concrete prices can be affected by many factors. The cost of concrete can vary significantly depending on whether it's residential concrete for small slabs or industrial concrete contractors that are needed for large foundations. It doesn't really matter what type of project you are working on, it pays off to hire an expert. Here are some estimates for most concrete jobs:

  • Average cost per square foot: $4 to $7
  • The cost per cubic yard is $113 to $126

These are estimates only since each concrete slab project can be very different. Some concrete slab projects require more work, while others require a thicker slab. Phoenix Concrete Contractors is the best way to get an exact estimate. Below are some estimates based on the project.

Driveway Slab Estimates

The best concrete contractors charge between $1.440 and $3.360 per 20x24 driveway. We are happy to help you design and implement innovative features to improve your drive. This is a large project that is usually done onsite. Our experts will prepare the site and spread the concrete. Finally, your concrete driveway will be finished.

Garage Slab Estimates

Concrete contractors charge anywhere from $3,057 up to $5,944 for 24x24 slabs. The price will depend on the area and the thickness of your slab. A majority of garages use a slab that is either four inches thick or six inches thick. Take into account vehicle weight and other factors, and talk to our team about your options for choosing the best slab.

Shed Slab Estimates

Concrete construction companies charge an average of $670 to $830 for a slab to build a shed. A four-inch slab can be used to support your tool shed and garden shed. A shed supported on a concrete slab will last far longer than one without this sturdy foundation. A concrete slab is a solid foundation that provides a safe work surface that can withstand the abuse of your lawn or garden tools.

Patio Slab Estimates

A concrete patio is an excellent way to build a living space outside your home. A slab for patio slab will cost between $5.53 and $11.25 per square foot. A 12x12 patio costs $796 to $1 476. A larger patio may cost less per square foot, but an efficient patio will cost more.

The cost of concrete and overall size will affect the price. Before you start any patio project, get a personalized quote. Patios require only a 4-inch slab.

Get a Quote Today

Phoenix Concrete Contractors is your best choice for quality concrete services in Arizona. For your next remodeling or construction project, get a quote now to find out how we stack up against other concrete construction firms. Your driveway, garage, and patio will be built on a strong foundation of reinforced concrete.


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