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How to design your family's kitchen so you can spend quality time in it

Mar 22

How to design your family's kitchen so you can spend quality time in it

Family movies paint a picture of the ideal kitchen where everyone gathers. It's a place to spend quality time with your family, where you can share your day and give advice. That's what you wish you could have, right? Perhaps you can.

Modern kitchens go beyond cooking. You want a space to bring the family together and encourage quality time. Your kitchen should be the hub of family interaction and creativity. These great family kitchen design tips will help you get started.

Island dreams: A creative heart for any family kitchen

Kitchen islands were once an expensive luxury. These islands are becoming an indispensable feature of family kitchens. You can do extensive research to find creative island designs that will suit your needs. There are several options. Slender bars can be placed adjacent to the main kitchen. Larger ones can include appliances and break down a larger area. If things get crowded, islands double up to provide counter space.


Not only do larger islands allow for more preparation space but they also encourage everyone to gather. One could be cooking and the other working on their arts or crafts kitchen design. Even if the iPad is still on your child's lap, you will be in the same space.

Tall and large: Add more worktop and kitchen cabinet space

More space allows you to make memories as a family. Deeper worktops and taller cabinets can make a big difference in a cramped kitchen.


Standard kitchen designs often have very slim countertops or cabinets that don't reach the ceiling. This leaves plenty of upwards wall space. This creates cluttered sideboards, which can occupy most of the space in your kitchen, including your toaster and bread bin, knife sets, and microwave, but very little space. Mixers, small appliances like grills, and blenders end up tucked away above the cabinets, gathering dust.


Get comfortable: Encourage social interaction, snuggles, and social interaction

The popularity of having comfortable sofas in the kitchen is growing and with good reason.


This is a great opportunity to get the family together in the family kitchen again if they have become disorganized. It doesn't really matter if your kitchen is small. There are many seating options. A variety of seating options are available, from an L-shaped couch to a giant beanbag or cushioned bars stools. You can make your kitchen more inviting and comfortable by adding ambient lighting.

Inspiration for creativity: Natural elements to stimulate the senses

Natural tones, landscape art, and plants can all transform a space that was previously a functional kitchen into a family area. To inspire creativity, you can include outdoor elements like grapevines or fruit, butterflies, or even landscape art. Get the family involved in leaf printing. All you need are brightly colored paints and some leaves.

A space that allows you to connect with and spend quality family time


Your kitchen is a way to make it easier and get by in a busy world. Let's take a moment and imagine the daily happenings of your family's kitchen. Is it filled with enough love and connection? If not, then you will know what to do.


Don't rush and waste time, take this chance to create a beautiful kitchen that will inspire quality family time. If you're considering a kitchen renovation, you can expand your ideas and use your kitchen layout to your benefit. Take a look at Cedar Park Home Remodels' ideas about the best layouts to accommodate your family.


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