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Mar 22



Your best friend, your dog. Your cat is your constant companion. When you consider a kitchen remodel it is a good idea to think about your cat.

In our many years of designing kitchens, we have found that pets make the kitchen more comfortable if they can be involved in its design.

That might sound unbelievable at first. After all, your cat does not cook and your canine friend doesn't clean up after you. These pet-friendly options are practical and can help to simplify your kitchen.

These pet-friendly cooking ideas will make your home perfect.

1: The built-in dog bed/crate

You could design a simple kitchen, then put a large dog crate/bed in the corner. You can also build the dog bed or crate into the design. This will make it easy to access and more appealing.

2: Hidden/pull-out Foods and Water Dishes

While food and water dishes can be an essential part of a pet owner's kitchen, they don't have to take over your space. How many times are you tempted to accidentally spill your dog's water? Ask your designer for a spot to store your pet's food, water, and other items when designing your kitchen.

3: Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring can make it much easier to maintain the look of your kitchen. It is easy to clean and doesn’t show scratches. Darker woods will show fur. If your pet sheds then you should choose lighter wood.

4: Rugs, runners

If you have lots of space, a rug or runners can be placed in a place that your cat or dog won't mind curling up. It will keep your cat or dog's vision sharp, but they won't be able to walk under it. It can protect floors as well as keep smaller animals safe from slippage on floor surfaces. (While laminate is an attractive option, it can be slippery and dangerous for little paws.

When selecting a rug/runner, be aware that you will need something that can be spot cleaned or washed easily. Additionally, darker colors may show pet fur better than those with lighter colors.


5: Pet-friendly Surfaces/Finishes

Although waterfall countertops and high-gloss cupboards may look beautiful, you should consider the fact that they might get covered in nose and paw prints from your furry friend. Better options are stained or painted cabinets and honed counters.

6: Pullout trash bins

Make sure your pets are safe. You will also reduce the chances of you having to clean up a lot.


7: Kitchen Hardware

Sharp edges and corners should be avoided when you are selecting kitchen hardware. Pick knobs and pulls so your pet's paws don't get caught. And avoid polished finishes to ensure you don't have to clean them constantly.

8: Safe Cleaning Products

You will want to keep your kitchen looking new after the work is done. Some cleaning products are not pet-friendly. Make sure to take the time and clean up your kitchen with only pet-friendly cleaners. If you think you don’t need any concern about cleaning your kitchen countertops, this photo will remind you of what you know your cat does when you're gone.


The best kitchen features that you can include in your kitchen design do not have to be specific or trendy. It is about how you use the kitchen and how you live. It's why some homeowners choose a pet-friendly kitchen.


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