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Nov 7

Myths about Air Duct Cleaning

You could believe that cleaning your air ducts regular scheduled basis is a great method to ensure cost-effective heating and cooling and avoid expensive repairs. Most of the time, however, the reverse is the case.


Keep Your Ducts Clean

Many homeowners believe that by making use of a vacuum and a long dust brush they can clean their ducts on their own. This is not a good idea. Duct Cleaning the colorado springs This is not a DIY project. Only use a professional who is certified using the proper equipment and tools.


A top-quality roto bristol machine fitted with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter and vacuum is used to clean air ducts. The brush is run through the ducts numerous times, beginning at the farthest point of the duct from the furnace.


The technician will start from the farthest duct and proceed through each run several times to eliminate dirt and debris. After that the furnace is cleaned thoroughly, as well as an indoor coil cleaning is recommended to ensure that all dust and dirt are gone.


The Reality of Duct Cleaning


Elevation Mechanical LLC offers air-purifying ducts in colorado springs in the event of need. Before you decide whether duct cleaning is right for your HVAC, there are some common misconceptions about duct cleaning.


1. Cleaning the ducts increases airflow.


False. Duct cleaning isn't an option for long-term solutions for those who have issues in the movement of air, hot or cold patches, or lack of cooling or heating in your home. Cleaning ducts removes tiny particles that have built up throughout the time in your duct system. It won't change the layout of your system. It will only increase airflow, or even balance it. Cleaning is not capable of closing any holes in your duct system.


A professional-conducted Flow Hood test to measure the amount of air pushed through your HVAC system, as well as a thorough duct examination, are required to resolve airflow concerns adequately. The following are a few options for possible solutions:


2. Ducts should be cleaned every 3 to 5 years.


This isn't the case. While air duct cleaning may be required to remove accumulated particles that can hinder cost-effective HVAC operation, this shouldn't be a problem that arises every few years. Regular HVAC maintenance does not include duct cleaning. It is not necessary to perform duct cleaning if the ductwork is sealed. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer to change your filters. To prevent dust accumulation, vacuum the floor registers at a minimum every six months.

3. Cleaning the ducts gets rid of the smells and also a mold.


Absolutely certainly not. It's not. Duct cleaning by itself will not remove odors from your HVAC system. While some firms provide an antimicrobial spray with their cleaning of ducts, this is only a temporary fix. The smells will return!


Spraying fragrances will not eliminate the source of the smell. Find the reason behind the odors in order to get rid of them completely. This may include however, it is not included in, but is not:


  • Rodents

  • Animal waste, such as fur or feces can be a source of concern.

  • The ductwork that isn't properly sealed can allow air to get into your attic or crawl space.

  • Growth of mold or accumulation of moisture

  • Air duct cleaning can remove particulate matter. However, it does not eliminate their causes. Once the odors have been removed, consider adding or upgrading your air filtration system to keep the air inside your home healthy and fresh.


4. They won't suffer damage by cleaning your air ducts.


It undoubtedly can! Certain types of ducting are more vulnerable to being damaged more than others. Here are the tips you should know prior to you wash your ducts.


Flexible ductwork is comprised of a spring that is wrapped in a thin plastic layer. Insulation is employed to shield the duct from the heat. The duct's cover exterior is wrapped around the insulation. The plastic cover around the spring can be damaged by heat generated by your walls or attic. This type of ducting is most susceptible to being damaged when cleaning. The older the ductwork is, the more likely it will be to become damaged.


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